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Yeshivah - Beth Rivkah Preschools

The Mercedes Dadon Creche, Gurewicz Early Learning Centre and Yeshivah Brighton Kinder provides outstanding care to children aged 1 to 5 years in 12 centres. Government subsidies available.

Yeshivah - Beth Rivkah Colleges

Catering to over 1,300 students from Creche to Year 12, and under the ausices of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, our mission is to deliver excellence in Jewish and general education, accessible to all. By combining individual care and nurture with the rigour of Torah and General Studies, our students are equipped with a strong sense of Jewish identity and outstanding academic success to enable them to become successful and contributing citizens. To arrange a tour or more information please call Michelle Blutman on 9522 8222.

Chabad Youth

Delivering a holistic range of youth services to over 5,000 children and young adults, Chabad Youth engages youth in Jewish Life. Through a range of educational, social and cultural services, Chabad Youth promotes pride and identity in Jewish peoplehood. Programs include weekly youth programs, afterschool clubs, Summer and Winter Camps, Seminars, Chabad on Campus, Chabad Sparks, Daminyan, Volunteerism, and Young Jewish Professionals. For more information contact Rabbi Moshe Kahn on 9522 8222.

Kollel Menachem Lubavitch

An advanced institute of Jewish learning for young Rabbis, the Kollel offers learning programs and lecture series for the community in both group based and one on one settings, ranging from beginners to advanced. The Kollel hosts a number of key lectures throughout the year including summer and winter learning programs and scholars in residence. For more information contact Rabbi Yonason Johnson on 9522 8222.

Ohel Chana Werdiger Learning Institute

Catering to both local and international students, Ohel Chana provides post Year 12 students with advanced Jewish learning delivered by acclaimed educators in a Chassidishe environment. Ohel Chana aspires to create dedicated Shluchos, knowledgeable educators and Chassidishe women. Students take an active role in the community, and leadership training is an integral part of the course. For more information contact Rabbi Levy Tenenbaum on 9522 8222.

Yeshivah Shule

Yeshivah Shule is a warm and welcoming Kehilla, providing inspiring and family friendly shule services. Open from early morning to late in the evening, Yeshivah Shule offers many minyanim and shiurim catering to all ages and all life cycle events. Regular kiddushim, farbengens and learning programs are provided for the shule and broader community in addition to social events and family functions. For more information contact Mr Hershel Herbst on

Young Yeshivah

An offshoot of Yeshivah Shule, Young Yeshivah caters for singles, couples and families ranging from school leavers to young families. A minyan is held every Shabbos morning and Yom Tov, regularly attended by over 100 people. Kiddushim,farbregens, weekly Shiurim, and a range of social events allow the community to come together, forge close friendships, and be inspired. For more information contact Mr Laibel Sziewicz on

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About Us

Yeshivah Centre, under the auspices of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, is one of the largest Jewish Organisations in the Southern Hemisphere, serving the full spectrum of the Melbourne Jewish Community. Our programs include:
              • Yeshivah - Beth Rivkah Colleges delivering creches and preschool centres, and Primary and                              Secondary schools catering to over 1,300 students,
              • Kollel Menachem Lubavitch offering accredited adult education in Torah studies, including                               learning programs for all levels.
              • Ohel Chana Seminary, providing advanced Jewish Studies for post-secondary local and                                        international students,
              • Chabad Youth delivering youth programs to over 5,000 Jewish youth incorporating Chabad on                   
        Campus, Chabad Sparks, Camp Gan Israel, Tzivos Hashem and Young Jewish Professionals,
              • A plethora of shules for all ages including Yeshivah Shule, Young Yeshivah and Daminyan,
              • A Jewish lending library with over 3,000 Jewish books and tapes,
              • Welfare services including hospital visits, home support and caring for the elderly,
              • Outreach including festivals and events and Jewish holiday celebrations.
Yeshivah Centre is a warm, welcoming and inclusive organisation with an open door policy, ensuring that all our services are fully accessible to all. For a tour of the school please call Michelle Blutman on 9522 8222 or to find out more about any of our programs and services please call Ayla on 9522 8222 or email

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DaMinyan was created to cater to young Jewish adults from all backgrounds and walks of life. It operates in a warm, accepting and inspirational environment, and aims to ensure that all of its members are imbued with a strong sense of belonging, Jewish pride and community. Combining a serious commitment to Judaism, with a social and friendly atmosphere, DaMinyan is a Shule that has made a real and lasting impact on a significant and diverse range of people. 

DaMinyan Shule is run under the guidance of Rabbi Moshe Kahn together with his wife Dina. Moshe can be contacted on 0408 740 011 or by  email

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